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Zhanjiang's first yacht club 2013

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Xinlong shipyard locationBoarded a luxury yacht trips, Zhanjiang foot waterfront panoramic sea view hotel, enjoy a varie

Xinlong shipyard location

Boarded a Luxury yacht trips, Zhanjiang foot waterfront panoramic sea view hotel, enjoy a variety of recreational facilities, Zhanjiang people, it would be a dream? Perhaps, in many people's eyes, this is a dream. But the reality is that this is no longer a distant dream. Soon, the dream-like "Sea Paradise" - Zhanjiang, South China Sea Pearl Yacht Club will appear in Zhanjiang Bay.

"South Sea Pearl project will set yacht Club Yacht Club, waterfront five-star hotel in one, and start building next month, with a total investment of nearly 350 million yuan, is expected to be completed in 2013. Will be here after the completion of the first Zhanjiang Large Yacht Club, the first waterfront hotel in Zhanjiang City, Zhanjiang City, is another landmark of the city tourism infrastructure projects. "Investment Co., Ltd. Zhanjiang City Baosheng Liang depicts the sun goes to the yacht club, Zhanjiang, South China Sea Pearl blueprint.

Here, the yacht is no longer travel in the dream of film and television work, Zhanjiang people can get to surf in the North Bay yacht boundless sea, and wind race, together with the waves drive; or take the boat to the sea to bring fishing rods fishing.

Here, a variety of recreational facilities, of which there are many entertainment facilities is the first introduction in Zhanjiang, such as the revolving restaurant, sightseeing elevator, three-dimensional cinema, marine aquarium, high-quality opera hall, swimming pool, China Excellent Tourism City sign sculpture, sea sightseeing platform, Tower, sea walks the bridge, green corridor, natural beach and musical fountain and other large marine tourist facilities.

Here is the true meaning of Zhanjiang's first waterfront hotel, excellent location allows you to enjoy unrivaled views at the same time, but also a panoramic view of the coastal Zhanjiang, Zhanjiang Bay, overlooking the south into the sea, watch the miles naval port landscape, Zhanjiang Gulf Bridge north to enjoy the majestic, the main city of Zhanjiang west with views of the garden city scenery.

Pioneered the development of yacht tourism consumption, make the first move of the company

China's yacht tourism potential of the huge consumer market, following the car after the yacht entered the household consumption, and as a conference, business, tourism and leisure major carrier, especially with the radius to the center of Zhanjiang within 500 kilometers of regional economic and social by leaps and bounds, people's consumption concept is moving in the direction of high-grade.

According to statistics, worldwide yacht sales in 2006 reached 400 billion U.S. dollars, in Europe and other developed areas, the ratio of private yacht ownership reached 60%, with an average of 171 yachts, and our average of 1.3 million people have a yacht, These data show that China's vast consumer market, yacht tourism.

Currently, however, Zhanjiang, yacht tourism consumption is still living in the "beginners" and Zhanjiang coastal tourism industry basically is a "virgin." Zhanjiang locals rarely have the opportunity to travel out to sea, or playing volleyball on the beach, barbecues and other recreational activities. However, we all know, Zhanjiang is rich in tourism resources, it is the pearl of western Guangdong is China's top ten leisure city and one of China's outstanding tourist city, with Bihaiyinsha, blue sky, island coconut, green Cong gardens, world geological park and unique culture, rich red unique tourism resources.

It is seen Zhanjiang coastal tourism development prospects, it is also to see the yacht consumer market potential, Baosheng Investment Co., Ltd. Zhanjiang City took the lead taken the first step, to develop the South China Sea Pearl Yacht Club, and the club will set Yacht Club , five-star hotel in one sea.

Zhanjiang yacht tourism consumption will lead the development of coastal tourism, and yacht-related consumption will be a great chain, Liang, chairman of daylight tells us that "yacht marine tourism consumption is to optimize the structure of the economy and coastal tourism booster, It is not just a noble leisure tourism, it is a sign of the degree of economic development, will have local food, transportation, public services, such as maintenance and is equipped with a leading role, with significant overall economic effect. "

Seize the opportunity and development, the dream is not a castle in the air

"If not, refinery and other large projects in Section Zhanjiang site, we do not start this project." Liang, chairman of Sun, told reporters, Zhanjiang's development environment is the Pearl of the South China Sea Yacht Club project start-up opportunities.

"Recently, refinery and other large projects in the Branch site Zhanjiang, Zhanjiang will greatly promote the logistics and transport, hotel services and tourism industries of large-scale development. Good times, the situation and Zhanjiang has 'a Bay sides' and blue Harbour strong tourism resources, will be created Zhanjiang in western Guangdong, Hainan, Guangxi, three yacht tourism leader position. "sunlight beams on construction and development prospects of the project entirely agreeable.

According to beam sunlight introduction in Zhanjiang, a good environment, Zhanjiang yacht industry is bound to rise in recent years, Zhanjiang actively implement the "set up city, Port City, Jiangsu, eco-building the city of" scientific development strategy, actively promote "eco-cities in the Gulf "and" western Guangdong urban population center, "the construction of social and economic undertakings have made great progress, and, Zhanjiang has sea, land and air transportation network developed has become a major regional transport hub , such an environment is the development of yacht industry indispensable.

Yacht Club offers five-star waterfront hotel, sightseeing, conferences, business integration

South Sea Pearl South Sea Pearl Yacht Club Hotel is the most important part of the Yacht Club, one of which is the first truly Zhanjiang waterfront hotel, which combines tourism, conference and business in one, and fill no large-scale integrated tourism Zhanjiang City Star waterfront hotel blank, to further promote tourism in Zhanjiang City, meeting the economic, foreign investment work and large projects as a leader to meet with a new round of major development.

This is a large hotel, the hotel up to a total construction area of ​​116,382 square meters, completed, will have about 910 different types of rooms, with facilities and conference rooms of various types of Chinese and Western restaurants, will be able to accommodate the size of 1700 people food, accommodation and meeting needs.

This is a waterfront hotel, Seaview room of course, is an important feature of this hotel! According to statistics, up to 26 layers of the main building are all full sea view rooms with a total of 778.

This is a comprehensive functional diversity of the hotel. In order to meet business people, government needs, the hotel offers a variety of large, medium and small meeting rooms, large conference room in which special attention people, about 2000 square meters large banquet meeting rooms that can accommodate 1,500 people as a large conference meeting room.

This is a tourist hotel. Entertainment facilities in the South China Sea Pearl Hotel Yacht Club to lead the entire western Guangdong Province, the first ever to introduce a lot of entertainment facilities, such as the revolving restaurant, three-dimensional three-dimensional cinema, rare marine life aquarium, tropical landscape view of the sea Plaza. In addition, music will be light in the sea, large fountain, the hotel building and landscape lighting support structures to form a beautiful night. In addition to recreational facilities, the South China Sea Pearl Yacht Club hotel also has a variety of large-scale tourist facilities, with an area up to 6,000 square meters, with extended trestle, bridge walks, green bridges, viewing platforms, tour the lighthouse, travel sculpture platform, these facilities are to take high-pile beam-plate structure is permeable to build, in the bridge and walking tours are all covered with wood platform floor, supplemented by lighting, landscaping, fountains and so on.

This is the Yacht Club Hotel, in order to develop yacht clubs, the hotel set up over 15,500 square meters of yacht maintenance area, set up an area of ​​44,087 m2 with sea yacht basin, the basin in the planning and construction of approximately 200 berths Pile solid floating marina.

Club reprovision large shipyard, yacht complete industrial chain

In order to gradually form a complete industrial chain of the yacht industry, Baosheng Investment Co., Ltd. Zhanjiang City has also established a yacht manufacturing and export business - Xinlong shipyard, started production in June this year, the plant primarily to high-tech glass fiber reinforced plastic as New materials shipping, production yachts, power sailing, fast boat, boats and other law enforcement official and tourist ships and fishing boats, and this is the first western Guangdong FRP ship manufacturer.

Xinlong shipyard can be said that the establishment of timely born, long ago, the state can no longer use wooden boats, accounting for more than 40% of Guangdong Province in western Guangdong coastal areas have become the needs of FRP vessels region, before all of western Guangdong vessels are only to Zhuhai, Shenzhen and other Pearl River Delta to buy, and the establishment of Xinlong purchase of boats western Guangdong will reduce the purchase cost, on the other hand facilitate the ship's warranty, maintenance, can save a lot of cost.

"Whether it is outside the warranty period or shelf life of the ship, if there are problems, we will provide twenty-four hours-site maintenance services, recently, a fishing boat Xuwen a problem, we immediately rushed to the scene to provide maintenance services, "the chairman told reporters beam sunlight, before the purchase of ships in the Pearl River Delta after problems, always stopping for a long time, so after the PRD can be used to send maintenance, and can play to their close Xinlong advantage for the customer service fast shipping.

Xinlong shipyard pursuit of excellence, to create first-class value. Currently, the shipyard has made Guangdong Economic and Trade Commission issued a "ship construction qualification certificate" issued by the Ministry of Agriculture and the "factory fishing ship construction certificate", has been fully equipped with all kinds of glass, steel, ship building conditions. In order to build a first-class ship, commissioned by the most qualified Xinlong design unit design ships, factory technical personnel are all imported from the Pearl River Delta, skilled workers, while the entire production process in strict supervision, strict quality control.

"Our long-term goal is to create luxury yachting, windsurfing, but also to open up foreign markets, relying on domestic and foreign markets, walking on two legs, to create more economic benefits for the Zhanjiang." Liang, chairman of sunlight on the confidence in the future development of Xinlong .

Club development of tourism spending, the average person can "sigh" five-star

Yachts, five star hotels, these high places and ordinary people seem to miss the sound, but in fact, due to the South China Sea Pearl is a large five-star waterfront hotel integrated tourism, the tourism and other facilities for the average consumer is not expensive. For example, the hotel will be open to the public natural beach, this is to use the bridge, walking sightseeing tour north of the bridge platform, and the green corridor between the South Sea oil Yihai Park beach is made about the construction of over 46,000 square meters. There are rare marine life aquarium, which is the first marine Zhanjiang City Aquarium will be completely open to visitors. In addition, the hotel also has tropical landscape view of the sea square, large fountain lights music, and hotel buildings and supporting structures of the landscape lighting, lighthouse tour, travel a lot of sculpture platform and other tourist facilities.

"We have to design the general public from the spending line, Zuobu Qi yacht, you can also take the boat to play", beam sunlight, chairman, told reporters, Zhanjiang has Bihaiyinsha, blue sky, island coconut, green Cong gardens, These explore the potential of tourism resources have a great future, Baosheng Investment Co., Ltd. Zhanjiang City, the northern Gulf coast will be moderate development of marine tourism resources, such as the island was built in barbecue, beach golf course, etc., not only will be set cruise with tourists enjoying the water, it can also allow you to the island, enjoy the beach fun, and Zhanjiang coastal tourism will also be thus truly "move up".
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