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Xinlong shipyard ship management, monitoring ship into the water trials

放大字体  缩小字体 Date:2012-05-09   Views:115
The morning of May 6, western Guangdong the largest, most complete, most technologically advanced glass steel waters management, monitoring ship "sea governance 013" was completed and water trials.

In the morning of May 6, western Guangdong, the equipment is the most complete, most technologically advanced glass steel waters management, monitoring ship "Sea the 013 completed and water trials, Guangdong Provincial Oceanic and Fishery Bureau, Zhanjiang Ocean and Fishery Bureau Zhanjiang City Highway Administration and other units attended the the shipyards water trials ribbon-cutting ceremony.

It is understood that the vessel built by the Zhanjiang City Xinlong shipyard, the hull is made of fiberglass, with a total length of 28 m, width 5.8 m, depth 2.85 m, speed 22 endurance of 300 nautical miles, the ship is equipped with advanced radar, satellite positioning single-sideband radio communication and navigation systems and power generation systems, the operation is quick and easy.

Zhanjiang City Harbour wrecker entered the final stage, how to consolidate the the Harbour wrecker achievements to become the concerns of the community. Currently, the city is the establishment of the Harbour wrecker to monitor long-term mechanism, intends to implement the installation of monitoring systems in key wrecker waters around the clock monitoring, will continue to strengthen the construction of maritime law enforcement equipment, to maintain the harbor Wrecker clean and beautiful. HAIZHENG 013 boat launching trials for sea area use management, monitoring work added a new force in the city clean up after the removal of illegal breeding facilities and navigation obstruction material, is of great significance to strengthen the long-term management of the city's maritime wrecker.

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